Support For Expectant Mothers

Registry Consultation

There is a plethora of gear out there for moms and babies. Many expectant parents are overwhelmed when they discover just how many options are available. What do you actually need? Which products are tried and tested, and which end up sitting unused on the shelf? What are some things you may not have even thought of? Before you spend days on end reading through amazon reviews, let me help guide you to products that will suit your lifestyle. 

$75 for a 2 hour consultation

Household Preparations

Nesting. Every expectant mother goes through this phase. It can range from the need to clean all the things, or suddenly have an urge to paint the bathroom or re-organize all the closets. I can fulfill your need to nest by helping set up the nursery, laundering the baby clothes, finding a place for all that new gear, and preparing meals to stock the freezer for those all important first few weeks after baby comes home. 

$25 per hour/10% discount over 4 hours

Birth Planning Session

If you are not planning to have a doula present for your birth, but would still like to discuss your options and what to expect during your labor and delivery, a birth planning session is for you. You and your partner can discuss the expectations you have for the birth, and the options available during the birth and immediate postpartum period. I can provide you with the information so you can feel informed and confident in your decisions.

$75 for up to 2 hours of consultation, and unlimited phone or email support leading up to the birth

Prenatal Breastfeeding Preparation
Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural process, but it does not always come easily. I can give you and your partner a crash course in what to expect, and some tips and tricks to help you get started. Topics can include but are not limited to latching, positioning, pumping and how to know if the baby is getting enough. This information will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to give your baby the best nourishment available.
$150 for a private class and 1 hour of post-natal support
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Prenatal Support and Preparation



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